The Chair Story (revival)
This is my site Written by Charlie Wiederhold on 2009/05/06 – 11:58 pm

The link above sends you to the appropriately dated version of “The Chair Story”.

This is a post I made on the forums late in 2007 when prodded for more detailed information on why Duke Nukem Forever was taking so long. In the context of the original posting it was intended to be an obvious story where the reader would be drawn in, but by the end realize it was a fanciful tale.

When taken out of context of the intended post it can definitely be seen to be something else. I re-posted it on the day it was confirmed 3DR was stopping development on DNF, but I (naively) didn’t anticipate the response.

If you are interested in a fictionalization of the reason DNF was in development for so long, feel free to read on…

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