Heavy Metal: FAKK2

My time on FAKK2 was reasonably limited and split with Sin which got the bulk of my attention. In fact I left Ritual before full production on FAKK2 had begun. I worked with a small group to come up with the high level and paper design for the project, and took care of the documentation process. The game premise and story we came up with was ultimately used to create FAKK2, though only the first half of the story was told.

I can’t claim any significant credit for the product as it’s easy to sit and talk about ideas… it’s turning them into something that gets on shelves and players enjoy that is the hard part. I came in later when the project was ramping down to do some play testing and feedback, but ultimately this was a project I was involved in but not a significant contributor to beyond the very early stages.

I did enjoy the final game that came out, and wish the rest of the story could have been told.