Modern Warfare 2

On Modern Warfare 2 I was on the Game Design team with a particular focus on scripting Special Ops. Not writing scripts like a movie script, but more like programming focused on the gameplay and mission design itself.

This was one of my most challenging transitions because I came into the project when it was flying along at an insane speed and needing to learn the tools and processes mostly from scratch since the past 10 years of my career had been immersed in Unreal Engine land. Well worth the effort though, and it looks like people are enjoying it and the Special Ops mode. I learned more good practices in the short time there with the MW2 team than in most of my career before.

The missions I primarily scripted/maintained are:

In addition to these I also focused on a significant portion of the general co-op gameplay scripting and systems. However trying to draw a fine line between who did what is impossible with the way the team worked and detracts from how finely tuned and effective everyone was on the project.