Quake 2 CTF

While working on Sin I got involved in making a map for the All Star 2 CTF pack. I was playing a helluva lot of Team Fortress (Quake 1) and in particular 2fort4, so I figured I’d take a simple stab at a similar fort facing fort structure for CTF. There wasn’t too much time to work on it and the editor left something to be desired as I had been spoiled by SinEd… so I kept it pretty clean and straight forward.

It was called Fort Lingrin (as2m3), though I can’t remember for the life of me why. It works well and is a solid map both in terms of playability and visuals.

I’m not sure the best way to play the map unfortunately, but for now I’m providing the .PAK file for download that contains the map (dforts). This was a good project to have a time limit, pick a goal I could execute well within it, and just getting it done.