Cryptic Passage

Cryptic Passage was developed after Duke it out in DC. This was the period I had finished my time at UT Austin and getting ready to move to Indiana so I could work for Sunstorm Interactive full time. We wrapped it up the first couple of weeks after I arrived, so most of the work was done remotely from Texas.

For this project I was focused on dramatically improving the GAMER program and installer. It became much more flexible and game agnostic, allowing us to use it for all of the add-ons being produced. I also kept my hands dirty in the editor and made a simple deathmatch level called Deadly Inspirations. I don’t have Blood installed so I’m unable to verify that the map even works, but I’m providing it for download for the time being in case anyone’s curiosity is piqued.

I don’t remember much about the level, and don’t have any screenshots to provide. As soon as I’m able to track down a copy of Blood and get it to load I’ll post more.

The add-on was well received by Blood fans, and is a solid addition to the Sunstorm library.