Wheel of Time

I can not claim any credit for Wheel of Time itself, as I did not work on it once it got into production. When the project first started up, the project lead wanted to try doing it with almost entirely external level designers, contracting the best community level designers he could contact. Most of the designers who started on it have become very accomplished game developers since then.

During my tenure we were all given a pre-release version of UnrealEd and started playing around with it. Since most of us were used to Quake and Build… it took some major adjustments. In particular the scale was completely different so the very first “Inn” I built was scaled as if you were about the size of a cat or small dog. Of course the subtractive nature took a bit to get used to as well.

Eventually they decided to bring all the designers in house they could, but by this time I had already worked full time at Sunstorm and accepted an offer from Ritual. The final game was VERY different from the original concept that hooked all of us. I would still love to see that game built. It was too early to try to build it then with the sort of internet connections and capability of the engine… but these days it would be very viable.